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We are the Main Distributors for Birkmayer health products Genuine Patented Enada Nadh, Co-e1 Nadh. Enada Nadh, Co-e1 Enada & Mojo Enada coenzyme 1 nadh - The names you can trust..

Please note that the 10mg coenzyme 1 nadh sublingual tablet has also been branded and known as Quickspark,

Video Of Prof Birkmayer

This is a preview of Coenzyme 1 (NADH): The Only Real Fuel for Cellular Energy with a Scientifically Proven Anti-Aging Effect by Professor George Birkmayer,

MD, PhD at the 2007 Anti-Aging London Conference

This is a preview of Coenzyme 1 (NADH): The Only Real Fuel for Cellular Energy  

Video Of Prof Birkmayer MD, PhD 2007


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01. New Fred Dryer Enada Testimonial  

2.  Fred Dryer Testimonial
Fred Dryer, former NFL athlete, discusses ENADAlert (CO-E1 - NADH ) how it works at a cellular level, and how it can improve YOUR life too!... . 


Please got to the link to see the youtube video and testimonials of nadh customers but please save this website first as there  no link back to this website and you may get lost in the haze of youtube.

Please save this link http://www.coenzyme1-nadh.co.uk

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Our link attached to our youtube account is http://www.enada-nadh.co.uk  this is also one of our website but this will be updated and linked to this website soon as we want all websites under one roof to make it easier for our customers and to keep our prices and offers the same

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