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This website was originally founded by myself a CFS & fibromyalgia sufferer  in 2006 as when i was introduced to nadh i found it made a massive difference to me and it added, energy, quality & vitality back into my life ..many of my family & friends are on it now for all sorts of different reasons, Dementia,Energy, Sports, Parkinsons etc, .

we found co-e1 nadh ENADA NADH hard to get hold of in most drug stores and chemists and herbal shops, and when i could get them they were very expensive,, it was my mission then to get them and provide them for sufferers like myself at affordable prices.. the business is run voluntary and not for profit all sales go toward keeping the website going and buying the stock,, So please if you need nadh or you know anyone who needs nadh please buy from us we really appreciate all our customers, our customers are important to us and you get 100% customer service from us.  We will ship worldwide, but please email us first..  

Please always choose the correct shipping as products cannot be shipped untill correct shipping charges have been paid such as international customers should not choose the uk shipping options.

for internation orders outside the uk we have a limit of 1 box for a customers first couple of orders but we will extend this once we have reached a comfortable relationship regarding the security of sending a large value of products out etc

You will get a receipt from paypal if you pay this or through them with your via credit or debit card, please keep this as your receipt it has the name that will show on your statement on here.  Please note this may be changing soon.   

We recommend that if you buy anything from the Internet to keep a folder in your emails with receipts this causes less stress when your statement comes to try and figure it what you bought and what company you bought it from as if you ring your credit card company to say you don't remember buying anything and don't recognise the name on you credit card. the credit card company may instantly do a charge back to the company thus costing the company who sold you the goods an unrefundable charge-back fee..

If you pay by paypal you will also get a receipt from paypal which will show the name that will show on your statement. this may be changing soon

Please note If you purchase in bulk 'large' quantities then it is your responsibility to check the expiry date of the products before you buy before purchasing, we accept no responsibility if you find you have unused products that have expired.  many of our customers buy for friends and family also so products can be used up before expiry but in some circumstances customers will buy bulk because it is cheaper but do not check whether the expiry will run out before they use them all. however this is a very rare occurance luckily.

Please contact us on the contact form for any enquiries.  it is quicker to purchase direct from the website then phoning, however we are happy to hear from all of our cusotmers at any time.

or use the contact email link to email us.

many thanks

the nadh team

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